Shopping process

Webshop shopping process

1st step
Select the service you want to buy at https://ugyfelkapu.silverhost.hu under Order-> Order. Here you can see the three main service categories by clicking the Order Now button, you can view the service (eg: Web Hosting -> SILVERHOST1000, SILVERHOST2000, etc.). In some cases, there may be subcategories within the main category, in which case we select the subcategory that we need (eg: Game server -> PocketmineMP Minecraft servers -> PocketmineMP - 1024, PocketmineMP - 2048, etc.).

Step 2
Click the Select button next to the product you want to select and then click Continue. The product is then added to the cart. Enter the period you want to order by filling in the fields under Configurable Settings. Then click Continue.

Step 3
Then we can review the order again, or it is possible to order several other services or modify the existing service. You can also place an order with an existing account, or you can now register one at the bottom of the page while ordering.

Step 4
After logging in or entering your details, click on the bottom right button to register. If you log in, you will log in, and if you register, I will accept the GTC by creating an Account.

Step 5
Then we click on the Cart and payment button, then we have the option to pay with pal or pay with credit. To pay with credit, click on the My Home menu and under the issued fee requests we will see the service previously added to the cart and here we already have the opportunity to pay with credit!

5.1 Top up credit
There are 2 ways to top up your credit balance.

Pay pal with payment / credit balance topping up on my Home page.

By paying by SMS which can be found under the SMS menu!

We do not serve resellers!

All servers are created automatically.

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